…and here we are!

…and here we are!

So after years of consuming and creating, it’s time to publish some of the things I have in my arsenal, to (hopefully) make things a little bit easier in the world of IT.

My background is primarily in Microsoft based systems and the infrastructure space, but in today’s fast paced ever changing world of DevOps and cloud computing these borders of technology are becoming a blur.

Now my love of automation is turning a guy who saved a business by soldering a controller board onto a dead HDD,  into a guy who now tries to save the world one line at a time, then tries to make sure the systems save themselves in the future.

My IT background has been primarily in Health Care and Finance, but I’ve worked in many other industries on other jobs too. In recent years my focus has been on Automation using SCORCH and Azure Automation Accounts, I’ve also done a lot of work in the monitoring space, several years with CA Nimsoft then some time with SCOM and now OMS.

I’ve worked on some big application re-platforms and designs for past employers and in the last couple of years I have focused on Azure and most recently I have started dabbling in the world of AWS, Linux and Python.

I never considered moving towards coding in my career, I once studied java and found it dreadfully boring, but then the practical application of PowerShell came into play when I first started trialling MS Exchange 2010 and a new world opened up to me, I found “code” that I liked writing.

Now, I know a scripting language like PowerShell isn’t something you compile like java or c# so some may be offended by me calling it code; but, they don’t pay my bills or wear my wedding ring, so they can deal with that in their own time.

I hope you get some useful information out of my PowerShell creations and Cloud automation demos (or anything else I post) feel free to use this as you like.

I offer any advice as general and always recommend you try and understand the code before you use it and … Don’t test on production. However if you do run into a problem, I’ll try my best to help you in my spare time.

Maybe I will see you around, in this small world of IT (maybe at Ignite or a meetup), and with that I end my first post and I’ll be back soon with some real content.